In the last several years, 3D printers have become exponentially cheaper and more capable. As these printers become more accessible and ubiquitous, they increasingly answer the question, “How will you make it?” We know how we’ll make things in the future: we’ll press ‘print’. The big question is, “What are you going to make?”

That’s the question that we’re trying to answer with the Pocket Factory project: what problems can we solve with a low-cost 3D printer? Can we make things that improve people’s lives? Could we run a business designing products and producing them with low-cost printers? For one month, we’ll be driving around the US with two printers in the trunk of a Prius (follow our route here), designing and selling a variety of products made with low-cost 3D printers. We want our efforts to be fun, profitable, and above all, replicable. We’re keeping open accounts and notes of our product development.

3D printing is a fantastic technology, but we think it’s more than just a technology: we think it can enable a future where people can easily create and maintain things in their homes, where people can solve the problems of others in their communities, where countless micro-enterprises can sprout up overnight, and where the only thing standing between a problem and a solution is a good idea and the print button. The Pocket Factory project is our first exploration into this future. Follow our thoughts, check out the products and ideas we develop, write to us, and help us imagine an awesome future.

But that’s what we think. What are other people saying about the Pocket Factory? Check out our press and share the love:

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