Think about it, man! We’ve all got these really expensive electronic phones, and we’re carrying them around all day in our pockets and purses and hands. But sometimes, we drop our phones onto the ground and they get damaged or wet or something. But dude, check it out! What if there was something, kind of like a box, that we could put around our phones. This way, the box would take the beating, and the phone would be inside. Oh! Oh! And also, we could make the box really pretty, so that it made our phones look really cool. It’ll protects the phones and makes them look pretty. Phone boxes! Little boxes, for your phone.

Aw, and we could print it on one of the printers in the trunk of our car, dude! And because we’re printing them to order, we could let people choose the color of their box, and even put their initials in it. Dude, this is going to be so sweet!

I bet I could design a box to fit snugly around a phone–dude, do you mind if I use your iPhone 4? I’ll give it, like, some elegantly swooping bevels and a cosy design that highlights the engineered beauty of your phone, or something. Just let me know what colors you’d like your box in, and, uh—what’s your full name? I can put your initials into the case, so, like, it’s your own, man. Your own phone box.

Want one? We’re setting up a web store soon, but if you want to be the first kid on your block with a phone box, buy one of our first prints now. Until we have the customiz-o-tron up and running, email us if you want us to put your initials on the case

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