The iGhettoblaster is the newest product produced by the crack team at the mobile Pocket Factory studios. We have all had that moment when we were listening to a great song and really wanted to share it. We pull out the headphones and …

There’s nothing, it’s like being hard of hearing. Beethovenesque we put our ears to the phone, or shove the device into our friends ears. But NO MORE!

Please welcome the iGhettoblaster:

The iGhettoblaster clips directly onto the ipFoneBox amplifying and directing your music. Use it like a stand to point your music in any direction you please! Pleasing to the eye and to the ears, we hope you enjoy your custom ipFonebox and iGhettoblaster combination!

DSC 6297
+BG Hott stuff walking away

Want one? We’re setting up our webstore soon, but if you want to be the first on your block to own an iGramophone just like you see above, buy one of our first prints below!